Queridas familias, 

Soy Maria Luisa La Torre, Promotora y Directora de este fantástico Centro Educación Infantil, donde nuestros pequeños, de 0 a 3 años, reciben una enseñanza 100% en inglés, que creemos es el mejor regalo que les podemos hacer.

Estaré encantada de recibiros en St. Andrews Babies Nursery School y poder compartir con vosotros este ilusionante proyecto.

                     Maria Luisa

Hi everyone!!

My name is Tabitha. I have many years of experience in teaching English to babies and kids in different countries and in different nurseries. I have also worked for eight years in Academies as an English teacher, teaching the language to all ages.

I love children and I enjoy teaching them and see how quickly they learn a new different language. My passion for children comes from my childhood, thats why I studied to be a teacher.

I chose to work in St. Andrews Babies Nursery because I love the project. Hope too see you here soon and teach and enjoy with your babies. Is going to be a very nice experience. 

                Tabitha Muzslai

Hi everyone !

I am Esteban. For many years I have been teaching English to all ages, especially young children.

I love working with children and helping them to acquire English in a fun way. 

I look forward to seeing you as you join St.Andrews Nursery School



Hi family

My name is Belén and I’m a infant teacher who love her job.

I have living in Ireland working with children from 0 to 6 years old and I like to teach them and be taught by them.

My first goal will always be very happy little ones.

Hope to see you here!




My name is Alba. I am graduated in children education and I am currently studying a master`s degree in psychology. I love children and I don`t want to stop learning about them. I have been working in a bilingual school and I loved teaching the English language to the little ones. I joined St Andrews for his innovative project. I hope to see you in St Andrews with your children. Regards