Queridas familias, 

Soy Maria Luisa La Torre, Promotora y Directora de este fantástico Centro Educación Infantil, donde nuestros pequeños, de 0 a 3 años, reciben una enseñanza 100% en inglés, que creemos es el mejor regalo que les podemos hacer.

Estaré encantada de recibiros en St. Andrews Babies Nursery School y poder compartir con vosotros este ilusionante proyecto.

                     Maria Luisa

Hi everyone!!

My name is Tabitha. I have many years of experience in teaching English to babies and kids in different countries and in different nurseries. I have also worked for eight years in Academies as an English teacher, teaching the language to all ages.

I love children and I enjoy teaching them and see how quickly they learn a new different language. My passion for children comes from my childhood, thats why I studied to be a teacher.

I chose to work in St. Andrews Babies Nursery because I love the project. Hope too see you here soon and teach and enjoy with your babies. Is going to be a very nice experience. 

                Tabitha Muzslai

Hi everyone !

I am Esteban. For many years I have been teaching English to all ages, especially young children.

I love working with children and helping them to acquire English in a fun way. 

I look forward to seeing you as you join St.Andrews Nursery School

                    Esteban Garcia Lagoa


My name is Ana, I am a teacher. I have lot of years of experience teaching children. I love them and I love education. 

I always get surprised seeing how children learn so quickly when they are small.

I wish to see you all at St. Andrews Babies Nursery School to grow together.

                    Ana Tellez

Hello everyone!
My name is Rebeca. I love education and teach children that`s why I studied child education. I did my practices at St. Andrews Babies Nursery and I am really happy to be able to work here. My vocation is teaching children and specially I love to teach them an other language. 
I hope to see you in St. Andrews Babies very soon. 

                                                                                                                                             Rebeca Calero Gutierrez

Hi everyone!

My name is Cristina. I’m a confident and loving teacher. I’ve been living and working abroad for around seven years (UK and Emirates). I’ve been working with children more than fifteen years both in schools and private houses, loving every minute of it and feeling grateful for the opportunity to work with children every day.

I look forward to seeing you in St. Andrews Nursery School.

                                                         Cristina Grau 

Dear Families! 

I am Kelly from Colombia. I studied childhood education here in Spain and I have been in the UK for two years as an au pair and also I have experience working for the University of Oxford in one of their nurseries.
I am very happy of being part of St. Andrews, work with your kids and being part of their daily development.
See you soon. 

                                                  Kelly Johanna Valencia